Roof Sessions Strasbourg

Les premiers rooftops musicaux à Strasbourg ! En partenariat avec l'Espace Django.
Vidéo à visionner sur YouTube & Facebook.
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Saison 01 (2016 - 2017)

Thomas Schoeffler Jr.
"Ohio River Boat Song"
(Palace Music Cover)

Shake It Like a Caveman
(Tennessee, USA)
"Can't be Satisfied"

Thomas Schoeffler Jr.
"I Should Have Known" 

Dom Ferrer
"Grand Isle Paradise"

Dom Ferrer
"My Feet on this Land"

Flo Bauer Blues Project

Albinoid Sound System
"Nobody's got the time to change the world"

The Blues Against Youth
(Roma, Italy)
"Rising Sun Blues"
(Doc Watson Cover)

"Flamin' Goes".

Peace Me Off

Joy and Glory
"Past and Now"

Marie Otto
"Too Late"

Raphaël Guattari

Bad Juice
"Trojan War"

"Tie Me Up"

(Queensland, Australie)
"Drink 'til we Die"

Shake It Like a Cavemen
(Tennessee, USA)
"Parking Lots"

"Juste comme ça"